Friday, 23 August 2013


I'm a big believer in keeping blogs and diaries but I'm very crap at actually doing so myself. Recently I've been applying for jobs in the social media/digital marketing area and a lot of employers are looking for somebody who can use blogging sites. Although I kept a number of blogs during my teenage years, I've abandoned them all and made as many of them private as possible to stop my 16-year-old self's ramblings from embarrassing totally professional 21-year-old me. I tried to start a WordPress blog but I'm still stubbornly faithful to Blogger for reasons unknown ... so here we are. Let's do this thang.


  1. Had no idea you wrote a blog as well as youtube :D I love YouTube (and like most want to give it a try) but there's something I really like about writing.
    Also, I too feel your almost stubborn allegiance to the blogger platform... I don't actually know why.

    Rob - Rehab For Moths

  2. Hi I just wanted to tell you that I love your work, and I'm really glad that I discover your channel, and may I say it was an interesting discovering giving the fact that the first video that saw was about your popping experience. I think that shows how great of a fan I am. also I just decide to start blogging because well I don't know why but I went to rabbit hole and now I can stop so I will be really cool if you take a look. But before you do I just want to clarify if it inst obvious by now that English is not my first langue so you will have to be very open minded.