Sunday, 8 September 2013

Models Own Firework Collection 'Rocket' Review

I'm a sucker for glitter nail varnish, even though it's a bitch to get off. There's something very therapeutic about layering it up until your nails look like Ke$ha threw up on them. This is Rocket from the Models Own Fireworks collection, it reminds me of bonfires and funfairs and Christmas. In the photo above I've used just the glitter varnish on my thumb, on my index finger it's over Barry M's Indigo, and on my middle finger it's over Barry M's Blood Orange. Glitter varnishes are hard to photograph well because they're always catching the light too much for you to get an accurate picture of what they look like, but I absolutely love this one, especially over Indigo. Excuse the circular scar on my finger - that's what happens when a collapsable chair collapses on your hand and a nail goes through your finger. Yum. Anyway - BOOM, reviewed.


  1. Looks really nice over the blue. That's the kind of thing I'd put on in winter to fight the blues (or greys with this kind of overcast). Great photos by the way, you captured the glitter purrfectly x

  2. Yes! Finally glitter nail varnish season. Love how you're nails look! Now all we need is treacle toffee and a roaring fire :)

  3. This looks really good and I think you took the photographs very nicely and captured the nail varnish at its finest :)